Liquid Circuits


Kubilay Atasu, Qiang Wu, Carlos Tavares, Ali Zaidi, Oskar Mencer. Affiliates: Wayne Luk.

Main Publications

O Mencer, "ASC: A Stream Compiler for computing with FPGAs", IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits 2006.

Kubilay Atasu, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk, Can Ozturan, Gunham Dundar, Fast Custom Instruction Identification by Convex Subgraph Enumeration, Best Paper Award. Proceeding of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP), Leuven, Belgium. July, 2008.

Haohuan Fu, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk, Optimizing Residue Arithmetic on FPGAs,Best Paper Award,Proceeding of International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology 2008 (ICFPT08), December 2008.

Qiang Wu, Oskar Mencer, Evaluating Sampling Based Hotspot Detection, International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems. March, 2009.

Haohuan Fu, William Osborne, Robert G. Clapp, Oskar Mencer,Wayne Luk, Accelerating Seismic Computations Using Customized Number Representations on FPGAs, EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems. vol. vol. 2009,

Kubilay Atasu, Can Ozturan, Gunham Dundar, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk,CHIPS: Custom Hardware Instruction Processor Synthesis,IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design. vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 528-541. March, 2008.

Carlos Tavares, Qiang Wu, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk, Binary Analysis of Hot Loops on General Purpose CISC Machines, Imperial College Technical Report, June, 2009.

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Online Linear Regression Module

Brief Introduction

We investigate Automated Dynamic Hardware Acceleration for Compute-Intensive Applications. Imagine your PC would change it's circuits to match the programs you are running, like a liquid adapting to it's container.

This project is funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (grant number EP/C544706/1).

Faculty of Engineering: Department of Computing
Computer Architecture