Custom Processors


Kubilay Atasu, Robert Dimond, Oskar Mencer. Affiliates: Wayne Luk.

Main Publications

Kubilay Atasu, Robert Dimond, Oskar Mencer and Wayne Luk, "Towards Optimal Custom Instruction Processors", IEEE HOT Chips Conference, Stanford,August, 2006.

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Brief Introduction

We develop algorithms and tools for automatic synthesis of optimized custom instruction processors starting with C/C++ code. Given the available data bandwidth and transfer latencies we identify the most profitable custom instructions under silicon area constraints. We target architectures with architecturally visible state registers and dedicated data transfer channels. We support a comprehensive design space exploration to characterize the area/performance trade-offs for various applications. We evaluate our approach using actual ASIC implementations to demonstrate that our automatically customized processors meet timing within the target area.

A custom ASIC AES processor automatically generated from the C code.

This project is funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (grant number EP/C549481/1).

Faculty of Engineering: Department of Computing
Computer Architecture