Computer Architecture Group

Imperial College Department of Computing's Computer Architecture Group is part of the Computer Systems section.

Office: William Penney Laboratory (Bld 17, map ) , Ground Floor, Room 218
Phone: +44 2075948422 (x48422)

At the Computer Architecture Research Group we investigate a wide range of research topics around the theory and practice, interaction of hardware and software systems. More specifically, this includes domain specific representations of computation on the system level, the architecture level, and the bit-level, including programming methodologies that exploit spatial and temporal parallelism on all three levels with the objective of increasing computational speed while decreasing power consumption. Our research interests include computer architecture from embedded processors to supercomputers, parallel programming and parallel architectures, computer arithmetic, custom computing, VLSI, CAD, compilers, dynamic optimization, algorithms and programming methodologies.

In particular, we have projects ranging from custom instruction set extensions to number representations for FPGAs, and enumeration/generation based approaches to solving discrete optimization problems such as logic minimisation.

Faculty of Engineering: Department of Computing
Computer Architecture