Current Research Projects

Cube Project

64 FPGA devices on a single board and 512 FPGA devices form the cube. A platform providing simple interface and streamline processing power.

Liquid Circuits

Automated Dynamic Hardware Acceleration of Compute-Intensive Applications. Imagine your PC would change it's circuits to match the programs you are running, like a liquid adapting to it's container.


Improving bounds of combinational designs implemented on networks of lookup tables, moving them closer to the theoretical minimum.

Custom processors

Datapath of the instruction-set extensible processor: data bandwidth may be limited by the register file ports or by dedicated data transfer channels.

Number Representation

Different from general processor platforms, FPGA enables application-specific number representations with customizable bit-widths.

General Purpose Applications on Graphics card Processing units (GPGPU)

Using Graphics card to accelerate general purpose applications.

Faculty of Engineering: Department of Computing
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