Haohuan Fu, Oskar Mencer and Wayne Luk are awarded the Best Paper in the IEEE International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology 2008 (ICFPT 2008). The title of the paper is "Optimizing Residue Arithmetic on FPGAs".
Imperial - Keio Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing (Imperial College, London). Collaboration between Imperial College (U.K.) and Keio University (Japan) research groups. T. Nakamura, H. Amano, H. Nishi (Keio University, Japan) presented the Global COE Program and some of the on going projects at Keio University: MuCCRA-Project-A configurable Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor and Reconfigurable Systems for communication projects (e.g backbone routers). T. Izumi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) presented an FPGA-based implementation of 200Mbps CI-OFDM transceiver. P. Cheung, G.A. Constantinides and Wayne Luk (Imperial College, U.K) presented an overview of the research projects currently on going on Electrical Engineering and High Performance computing at Imperial College research groups.

                           Imperial Keio Workshop
                           "Wayne Luk and T. Nakamura at Imperial College London"

Kubilay Atasu, Oskar Mencer, Wayne Luk, Can Özturan and Günhan Dündar are awarded the best paper in the 19th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP), Leuven, Belgium, 2008. The paper is titled "Fast Custom Instruction Identification by Convex Subgraph Enumeration".
Royal Academy of Engineering, research exchange scheme: The Computer Architecture Research Group in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London has been selected to host Professor Jinian Bian from China's top University, Tsinghua, for the Summer 2008. Professor Jinian Bian is the director of the EDA Lab at Tsinghua University, a pioneering group in Electronic Design Automation research in China. The award will be used for joint research at Imperial's London campus to investigate the acceleration of Design Automation software. The Royal Academy scheme has been awarded to 18 out of over 220 applications this year.
Cre8Ventures Donates GBP 2.5 million of Electronic design software to the Computer Architecture Research Group of Imperial College London:
"Cre8Ventures Donates GBP 2.5M of EDA Software to Imperial College London">>
"Imperial gets EDA software boost from Cre8Ventures">>

                           Carson Bradbury and Oskar Mencer at Imperial College London
                      "Carson Bradbury and Oskar Mencer at Imperial College London"

Cre8Ventures is sponsoring this years Computer Systems Research Day, September 25, 2007, including a Most Cre8tive Poster competition with a first prize of 1000 GBP, and a 2nd prize of 500 GBP.
Haohuan Fu and William Osborne spending the summer at Stanford as part of the Stanford Imperial computer architecture research collaboration.
Invited Talk: Lawrence Livermore National Labs, "Computing with FPGAs".
Development of new web page starts.
Invited Talk: Cambridge University, Computer Architecture Research Group, "Towards Efficient Representation of Computation".
Computer Architecture Research Group shares Imperial College Research Excellence Award.

                                    Oskar Mencer from Computer architecture shares imperial college research
"From Left: Reconfigurable Supercomputing's Wayne Luk, Oskar Mencer, Peter Cheung and George Constantinides"

Key note speech at IEEE COOL Chips IX "Computing with FPGAs".
Faculty of Engineering: Department of Computing
Computer Architecture